Car Windshield Scratch Repair Kit

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Product Features


1. This is an experiment Kit for Polishing Pad and back-velvet sand paper.
2. Choose 3-inch and 4-inch back-velvet dry sand paper, customers can choose according to the actual repairing conditions;
3. When using 4-inch Grinding Pads and cushions for grinding and polishing operation, the deformation caused by repair can be controlled to the
     utmost extent, which is more suitable for the repair of vehicle front windshield.
4. When using 3-inch Grinding Pads and cushions for grinding, polishing, it’s easier to operate and improve the repair effectiveness, and with a
    more efficient and perfect repair effect when applied to the side windshield and rear windshield of a vehicle;
5. Using Polishing Pad for polishing will not only improve the repair effectiveness, but also avoid the pollution of the vehicle itself and the surrounding
    environment caused by the use of the polishing powder, as well as saving the time it takes to clean the environment after repair.

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